What To Bring

Guests are housed in comfortable tents, in the event that the group is booked in at Main Camp and Cottage Camp, or in cottages under canvas, in the event that the group is booked in at Rock Pools. At Babanango Valley, we provide mattresses and eating equipment for scholars.

Scholars need to bring:

  •     suitable warm farm clothes (even in summer as it can get cold in the evenings)
  •     personal toiletries
  •     walking shoes
  •     costume
  •     sleeping bag
  •     pillow
  •     towel
  •     rain jacket
  •     hat & sunscreen
  •     tick repellant (in summer)
  •     torch + spare batteries
  •     a water bottle
  •     specific course stationery (pencils, pens, rulers etc.)

Course work equipment will be advised when the itinerary has been arranged and can vary depending on subjects chosen. Generally a clip board, pen, paper and a journal suffice. Optional extras include items such as cameras and pocket money for tuck or curios.

Staff are accommodated in fully serviced accommodation regardless of which camp a group is booked into and need only bring personal luggage and toiletries.