Wagondrift Camp

Why chose Wagondrift as a camp venue:

Wagondrift is situated on the banks of the Wagendrift dam and it is surrounded by natural beauty. It offers a different sense of adventure and is run with the same principals and standards as the infamous Babanango Valley Environmental Adventures. Wagondrift Adventures was established to offer schools a variety of camp venues preventing camp fatigue and accommodating nearby schools that are no longer able to travel vast distances for school tours. The camp is situated close to the N3 highway making it more accessible to schools far and wide. The camp also incorporates sustainable living as the camp is run on solar energy and gas which ensures that we do our part in saving our environment. We offer a variety of programs which include educational, leadership, teambuilding and adventurous activities. The dam also allows for more water based activities and studies which we are unable to provide at Babanango Valley.  

Wagondrift Camp KZN

Introducing the Wagondrift Journey Program:

The Wagondrift Journey is a program that has been designed to 'rough and tough' a few days in the outdoors. It incorporates physical adventures such as hiking, swimming, kayaking as well as basic life skills. Schools are more than welcome to bring their own equipment such as mountain bikes, paddle boats, wake boards etc. if they would like to incorporate it into a program. Our programs are highly adaptable and we are willing to design and mold a program so that it will suite your exact needs. Students are challenged to the edge of their comfort zones to learn more about themselves, their strengths, weaknesses and determination. The Wagondrift Journey builds character and it is a learning channel which will not easily be forgotten.  Schools can also use Wagondrift Adventures as a leg within their own Journey if they choose.

Using the Malachite Kingfisher as our logo:

The Malachite Kingfisher is a beautiful coloured bird that preys on fishes in lakes, dams and streams. An abundance of these birds can be seen at Wagondrift, therefore we decided to use this bird for our logo as well as naming one of our camps after these magnificent birds. The word Malachite refers to a deep emerald green colour that is found in the bird’s plumage. So bring your binoculars and bird books along and come and view these and many other birds in their natural habitat at Wagondrift.


When first arriving at Wagondrift unlike any other camping site, camp goers are transported across the Wagondrift dam in power boats to their camping site. This exciting mode of transportation provides an exhilarating start to the fun filled adventures that awaits at Wagondrift.

Why the name Wagondrift?

It is named after the traitorous track through the Bushman’s River which was used to transport wagons that were leaving Port Natal (today known as Durban) in search of gold in the Witwatersrand fields.                                           

Teacher’s accommodation:

At Wagondrift Adventures we value our teachers and want to spoil them as best we can. The teachers are accommodated in our luxurious cottages overlooking the dam with beautiful 180 degree views. Each cottage can sleep up to 6 people and come furnished with luxury bathrooms, a lounge and dinning room facilities, kitchen and porch with its own braai area. Each camp has its own cottage. The cottages are situated approximately a 100m away from the camps to allow the teachers their privacy, but close enough so that they can always be apart of the fun and activities of camp.

Wagondrift Camp KZN